Sorry, there is no access to NetReg from off-campus.

In general, there is no need to register your computer to use UVM's network from off-campus. NetReg is only for registering computers that are used to access UVM's network from on-campus.

If you received a message about an expiring registration, and are now reading this, it means that you had a network registration for a computer on-campus, but that you are now using your computer from off-campus. You can continue to use your computer as normal and allow your network registration to expire with no ill effects. If you are returning to campus to use your computer at some point in the future, you can re-register your computer at that time. Your computer's web browser will automatically be directed to NetReg when you attempt to access the Internet from on-campus.

If you have any other questions, please contact the UVM ETS Helpline at 802-656-2604, or fill out a request at Thanks for helping us to secure UVM's network.